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About AI Vegan

My love of cooking began in the kitchen with my Nana.  I used to help her harvest vegetables from her garden and then helped her to cook and can a lot of it for the Winter months.  In the Summers, we used to sit on her porch snapping green beans listening to the baseball games on her radio.  Or learning how to make gravy and cornbread in her cast iron skillets. Or standing on a wooden kitchen chair to stir her big pot of gumbo that would feed the family, friends and neighbors. That sparked a love of all things culinary.  That love of food that was nurtured by my Nana is the love you taste with every purchase from AI Vegan. 

Bree - Master Chef




Joe Bruce

As a non meat eater it’s been hard to capture the essence of my soul food of the past but the Afro indigenous vegan does just that . The paella was perfect and most importantly authentic to the dish . Bree is a great chef and a great person working hard to bring us great tasting and healthy food .


Nena Rosebud

I had the pleasure of ordering food from the Afro Indigenous Vegan a couple of Sundays ago and she did not disappoint! It's soul food, comfort food, nourishing food, and all vegan! As I was eating my meal, I felt as though I was sitting in her kitchen and she had cooked it just for me. You can tell that Miss Bree loves what she does because her food reflects that. It's made with love. P.s. Her collard greens are OUT OF THIS WORLD!


Sydney Hunt

Bree’s food is not only amazingly delicious, you can feel the benefits it has on your body almost immediately. I create a mindful and intentional experience for my Sunday meal and it starts my week off right. Order! You will not be disappointed!


Carmen Pierre Canel

I am a meat lover and a southern belle so fried chicken is one my favorite things to eat! While I don’t think I’ll ever completely give up meat, I have been interested in trying meat alternatives for some time.  Providence, RI isn’t a place bustling with southern soul food options for meat eaters or vegans so I was pleasantly surprised when I found Chef Bree.  The first but certainly not last meal I tried on her menu was Southern Fried Chicken, collard greens and dirty rice.  The chicken wings were crunchy, had a nice texture inside, and had a delicious spice kick. Even my very skeptical husband loved the chicken and has raved to many of his friends about his first vegan soul food meal!


Amelia Hammond

I was first interested in trying the AI Vegan when I saw the flavorful variety of vegan food, but I never expected the physiological effects the food would have. 

I have had ambiguous stomach issues that have not been diagnosed by GIs over the years. Specifically, the hibiscus tea soothes my stomach in a way that nothing else has. I have no idea what was in it but it definitely had some sort of healing magic.

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