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Tamarind: Tart is Good!

Tamarind fruit originated in Africa, but now grows in many other places. It grows in a pod from trees. It can most easily be found in the cuisines from Asia, The Middle East, Mexico and South America, but can be found in many Caribbean cuisines as well. The Fruit from the Tamarind tree comes in brown pods. You crack the thin brown skin to reveal a sticky brown pulp covering the seeds. It has a sweet, yet tart flavor which provides a certain tang and acidity to whatever it is used in from Teas to candy. But did you know that Tamarind is a Superfood?

  • Tamarind can help to boost the body's natural immune system

  • Helps to improve digestion

  • Can assist with weight loss

  • Can help with digestion

  • Can help with Joint pain, inflammation and Gout

  • Helps to promote proper blood circulation

  • And so much more!!!

Get your Tamarind Tea from us! Contact us to order!

***We are not doctors. Please consult your physician when making changes to your healthcare regimen, especially if you are taking prescription medications. As with anything you read, please conduct your own research***

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